Student Blogging Guidelines

Student Blogging Challenge Sign-up and Weekly assignment Work

Here’s a couple of sites to help you make an Avatar: Avachara and My Blue Robot


Be Responsible

  • Use proper English. Do not use text language or shortcuts.
  • Always check your post for spelling and grammar errors before publishing.
  • This is a public space – you should be proud of everything that you post.
  • Complete all assignments on time.

Be Respectful

  • Comment kindly. Even if you are going to critique someone’s post, include at least two positives before you post a criticism.
  • Do not write about anyone without their permission.
  • Do not post pictures of anyone without permission.
  • Give credit to sources by posting a link to the source where you got the information. Make sure the link is appropriate for school!
  • Respect other opinions.

Be Safe

  • Do not post any personal information on the internet.
  • Use only your first name and last initial.
  • Do not post a link to an outside source unless you know that the contents are safe and appropriate for school

Weekly Assignments


  1. Free Choice – Choose one topic each week to write about and publish on your blog. You can find a list of blog topics by clicking here. Each post should be a minimum of one paragraph, but remember that your classmates will be reading and responding to your posts.
  2. Signpost Journal – Choose one signpost entry from your journal to share with your peers. Make sure to include the book, page number, a description of the signpost, and how what you read helped your understanding of a theme or character from the book.
  3. Peer Response – As a community of learners, you can help each other by commenting on blogs to provide constructive feedback, ask questions, and make connections.


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  2. Hi! I’m trying to follow the instructions on the student blogging challenge, but need a little help. So part of it is we need to have 5 blogs links of our favorite blogs. I want to add some links, but don’t know if they would allow. Do I even need to ask permission? If I do need to ask permission, how would I do so? Help!

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