Last Two Days: 5/30-31

Tuesday: Assembly

  1. Assembly call after announcements (2hrs)
  2. 2 hour delay schedule: Class trivia Kahoots

Wednesday: Last Day 7th

  1. Homeroom Schedule:
  2. Period 1-3,
  3. Lunch,
  4. P5: yearbook signing outside
  5. Period 6
  6. Period 7: Outside, dismiss from outside

8th Grade Schedule:

·         Start in HR; yearbook distribution
·         Go to P1, take attendance, go to cafeteria with your class (8-10ish)
·         First part of cafeteria time is yearbook signing
·         Second part is presentation of “Best of 8th Grade”.
·         Pass out 8th grade newspapers
·         Time in the cafeteria can be shortened depending on how restless they will get.
·         Return to P3; regular Wednesday schedule for P4
·         Lunch-no changes
·         P6-P7 regular Wednesday schedule.
If I missed anything or if there are conflicts, lemme know.



Week of 5/22-26

Monday: Binder clean-out, library book turn-in

  1. RSG test make-ups
  2. Binder clean-out: SAVE THE TABS! (15?)
  3. Skit/Graffiti Wall work (30)
  4. Skit presentation

Tuesday: Skit Performances

  1. Group up and Skit work (15)
  2. Skit performances (40)
  3. Conferences (as needed)

Wednesday: Skit Performances

  1. Group up and complete ALL remaining skits
  2. When finished: make sure ALL work is turned in, ALL library books are in
  3. Create a Class Trivia Kahoot: Must contain questions about at least 3 teachers and 5 classmates-keep it clean and use proper grammar.

Thursday: Create and play class trivia Kahoots


Week of May 15th-19th


  1. Finish Analogy project; grade front page (15-20)
  2. Continue working on Graffiti wall and skits (40)

Tuesday: SRI

  1. If you increased your lexile, go to games
  2. If you decreased your lexile, go to Mobymax vocabulary-I will grade your minutes.

Wednesday: Nice Job on SRI! Many Positive Referrals will be going out over the next couple of days.

  1. Newsela: Social Media Food + Quiz (15)
  2. Get with your group: Work on Graffiti Wall and Skit (40)
  3. Grade conferences (40)

Thursday: All Library Books are Due! Today!

  1. Kahoot review (Final RSG test tomorrow!) (15)
  2. Graffiti Wall work (due tomorrow) (40)
  3. Grade Conferences (40)

Friday: Get a cookie, Test and Graffiti Wall finish

  1. Socrative test
  2. Graffiti wall
  3. Conferences

Week of 5/8-5/12

Monday: Students create Grandma’s Birthday Cards

  1. Card creations: Grandma Ginny’s Bio: She is Mr. Rob’s Grandma.  She is turning 88 years old.  She loves to garden and bake for her family.  She is a huge Indianapolis Colts fan and attends at least one game a season.  Red is Grandma’s favorite color and, of course, the cardinal is her favorite bird.  However, she is very fond of loons after vacationing in Minnesota for 30 years with Grandpa Bill.  Every year she is excited to bake cookies for all my students and she LOVES receiving creative, well thought-out birthday cards.  She takes the entire summer and reads each one.  Each year, the cards get better and better.  Thank you for being so creative!   (30)
  2. Group work on Graffiti Wall (15)
  3. SRI Conferences (40)

Tuesday: Graffiti Wall project

  1. Card Creations-finish up (15-30)
  2. Group work on Graffiti Wall (15-30)
  3. SRI Conferences (40)

Wednesday: Sub Mr. Wolfe

  1. Read Newsela (13 Reasons Why article) w/quiz (15)
  2. Analogy project: complete the front page and 1-6 on the Sketchnote Analogy sheet (40)
  3. Work on Graffiti project skit (if finished with Analogy sheet)

Thursday: Sub Mr. Wolfe

  1. Read Newsela article w/quiz (15)
  2. Finish Analogy project and turn in (40)
  3. Work on Graffiti project skit (when Analogy sheet is turned in)

Friday: Enjoy your day off!


Week of May 1st to 5th

Monday: ISTEP final section

Tuesday: Sub: Mr. Wolfe

  1. Read Newsela article: Pro/Con Trump’s first 100 Days, take quiz (15)
  2. Complete SRI practice #s 43-75, annotate your responses-tell why you answered the way you did. Students can listen to music as long as (30)
  3. Work on/finish your RSG Kahoots and play as many as possible. (time available?)

Wednesday: Start the Graffiti Wall project

  1. Newsela w/quiz (Show Mr. Rob your score): Schools Combat Dangers of Lead in Water (15)
  2. Introduce Graffiti Wall project, rubric (10)
  3. Assign group pages (5)
  4. Begin group discussions and planning on scrap paper (20)
  5. Clean-up and Q & A (5)
  6. Kahoots (if time)

Thursday: Continue Graffiti Wall

  1. Newsela w/quiz: Police shooting article (15)
  2. Graffiti Wall project, continue artistic expression phase (Be sure to read your 5 pages thoroughly and capture as many details as possible in your wall art. You are re-creating/illustrating as much as possible from your pages!) (40)
  3. SRI conferences (40)

Friday: Continue Graffiti Wall

  1. Periods 1-3: Library, Last book check-out (15)
  2. Graffiti Wall project work (40)
  3. SRI conferences (40)



Week of 4/24-28 ISTEP round 2

Monday: Continue reading and viewing our Kahoots

  1. Read RSG w/ guide (15)
  2. Kahoot building (25)
  3. Individual SRI conferences
  4. Play Kahoots (15)

Tuesday: Newsela and Kahoots

  1. Read Newsela article (higher-tech/virtual reality), take quiz (15)
  2. Work on your Kahoot: Why questions vs. how or what (20)
  3. Present your Kahoots (20)

4/17-21 ISTEP Round 2 Begins


PSL: Read RSG with reading guide. There will be an assessment on our reading later in the week. (Day 10) (15)

  1. 40 question reading inventory. Do your best on this and feel free to explain your answers.  We’ll use this sheet for conferences later in the week. (30+)
  2. Kahoots (10, if time)

Tuesday: Nonfiction Kahoot Day

PSL: Newsela with Quiz: Self-driving car article (15)

  1. Build Kahoots/finish reading inventory (25)
  2. Read RSG (15)

Wednesday: SRI-Style conferences

  1. PSL: RSG (15)
  2. Kahoot work/Conferences (30)
  3. Kahoots, whole group (10)

Thursday: Newsela Day

  1. PSL: Newsela-New Law Evaluating Schools, take the quiz (15)
  2. Kahoots: focus on your “why” questions (20-25)
  3. Kahoots: Student generated assessments  (15)

Friday: Space Race

  1. PSL: Read RSG w/ guide (15)
  2. Socrative Space Race w/ groups (10-15?)
  3. Kahoots: Student generated assessments (25)

Week of 4/10-4/13: No School Friday


PSL: Read Red Scarf Girl with reading guide and study questions (15)

  1. PARCC Practice test on IPads: Read NOAA’s Big Miracle Worker and answer questions 8&9 (this could take up to 30 min.)
  2. Start creating student generated Kahoots with RSG study questions (10)

Tuesday: ISTEP Practice Day in A200

  1. Sit at the computer that matches your roster number
  2. The Seal Code for the test is on the board
  3. You will have a ticket with your username and password on it.
  4. Follow directions


PSL: Read Red Scarf Girl w/ study questions and guide (20)

  1. Kahoot building (30)
  2. Play any finished Kahoots (10)

Week of March 27th-31st

Last week before Spring Break!

Monday: We start PARCC review testing.

PSL: Red Scarf Girl with reading guide (15)

  1. PARCC test: Read excerpt from The Count of Monte Cristo
  2. Answer questions 1-3 (30)
  3. RSG Kahoot (formative) (10)


Tuesday: Newsela Day!

PSL: Read Newsela Cheerios article; pick one annotation to comment on; take quiz for a grade (15)

  1. Finish covering PARCC Monte Cristo questions; write a support for each of your answers (10-20)
  2. Read Red Scarf Girl (20)
  3. Kahoot review (if time)

Wednesday: Reading Day

PSL: Reading Red Scarf Girl w/ guide and Signpost Journals (20)

  1. PARCC practice test: Read Blessings (35 minutes total)
  2. Answer questions 4-6
  3. Work on T-chart for both texts

Thursday: Group Collaboration for the Newsela quiz

PSL: Newsela: Raider’s Stadium article + quiz (15)

  1. Library (15-20)
  2. PARCC questions 4-6, T-chart work (20)

Friday: Have a great Spring Break!

PSL: Get your IPads-Kahoot review for Red Scarf Girl

  1. Kahoot review
  2. Book review
  3. Quiz
  4. Review quiz-Have a great break!



Week of 3/20-3/23

Monday: Continuing Red Scarf Girl and nonfiction analysis

PSL: Newsela “Teen Drivers” article, quiz (15)

  1. Mobymax Test Prep Reading Informational (10)
  2. Read Red Scarf Girl (20)
  3. Kahoot formative assessment (10)


Tuesday: 2 hour delay

PSL: Newsela + Quiz (15)

  1. Read: Red Scarf Girl with guide (20)
  2. Kahoot (if time)

Wednesday: READ, READ, READ! You have a sub today.

PSL: Read Newsela article and take the quiz-you can collaborate with your groups (15)

  1. If finished early, go to Mobymax Test Prep: Reading Informational
  2. Read and Answer Questions: The People’s Republic of China (10) (It’s on the IPad cart)
  3. Read: Red Scarf Girl and update your guide packet (20)

Thursday: Library, Last day of the week!

PSL: Newsela: Parliament Attack + Quiz (15)

  1. Mobymax Test Prep: Reading Informational- Get your 20 in for this week! (10)
  2. Library (25)

Friday: Review and Quiz

PSL: Kahoot: Get your IPads (20)

  1. Review Red Scarf Girl through page 51 (10-25)
  2. Quiz (10-20)