Week of 3/20-3/23

Monday: Continuing Red Scarf Girl and nonfiction analysis

PSL: Newsela “Teen Drivers” article, quiz (15)

  1. Mobymax Test Prep Reading Informational (10)
  2. Read Red Scarf Girl (20)
  3. Kahoot formative assessment (10)


Tuesday: 2 hour delay

PSL: Newsela + Quiz (15)

  1. Read: Red Scarf Girl with guide (20)
  2. Kahoot (if time)

Wednesday: READ, READ, READ! You have a sub today.

PSL: Read Newsela article and take the quiz-you can collaborate with your groups (15)

  1. If finished early, go to Mobymax Test Prep: Reading Informational
  2. Read and Answer Questions: The People’s Republic of China (10) (It’s on the IPad cart)
  3. Read: Red Scarf Girl and update your guide packet (20)

Thursday: Library, Last day of the week!

PSL: Newsela: Parliament Attack + Quiz (15)

  1. Mobymax Test Prep: Reading Informational- Get your 20 in for this week! (10)
  2. Library (25)

Friday: Review and Quiz

PSL: Kahoot: Get your IPads (20)

  1. Review Red Scarf Girl through page 51 (10-25)
  2. Quiz (10-20)

Week of March 13-17

Monday: Finishing up Brain Doodles: you’ll need a set of headphones

PSL: Newsela: Read Burger King and Deforestation (15)

  1. Mobymax Test Prep Reading informational (looking for 50 minutes total this week) (10)
  2. Brain Doodle Packet: Similes, Metaphors, and Summaries (30)

Tuesday: Last day on the Brain Doodles

PSL: Newsela: Chance the Rapper Helping Out Chicago Schools, take quiz (15)

  1. Mobymax Test Prep: Reading Informational (10)
  2. Visual Note Taking Packet: Finish part 2 (15)
  3. Sentence Assessment: Take a sentence from the article and Brain Doodle it (15)

Wednesday: We start Red Scarf Girl

PSL: Newsela: Billionaires Want to Fund Space Travel, Quiz  (15)

  1. Read: What is Communism text (15)
  2. Watch video: Mao’s Red Guards (7:30)
  3. Read Prologue and discuss (15)
  4. Continue reading pages 3-10

Thursday: Library and Reading Red Scarf Girl

PSL: Get Library Books, Read (10)

  1. Library (15)
  2. Pre-reading survey (5)
  3. Read Red Scarf Girl 3-10

Friday: Signpost Journals, Mobymax minutes, Sketchnote Sentences DUE!

PSL: Newsela: Slime article + Quiz (15) collaborate in your groups

  1. Mobymax Test Prep: Reading Informational (10)
  2. Red Scarf Girl Kahoot (10)
  3. Read RSG with log (20)



Week of 3/6-3/10

Monday: Continue with our Brain Doodles

PSL: SOAR/Newsela Nonfiction: Dumb Phone article w/ quiz (15)

  1. Mobymax Test Prep (10)
  2. Brain Doodle 3.1 Stick Peeps Video (6)
  3. 3.1: Figures, Faces, and Emotions Packet (20)

Tuesday: ISTEP in Social Studies (Final Day!)

PSL: SOAR/Newsela Nonfiction: Girl Scout Cookies, take quiz (15)

  1. 10 minutes Mobymax test prep
  2. Finish Brain Doodle packets 2.1 and 3.1 (30)

Wednesday: Sentence Deconstruction TTTs!

PSL: SOAR/Newsela Nonfiction: Should Robots Pay Taxes? Take quiz. (15)

  1. Sentence Deconstruction TableTopTwitter (20)
  2. Finish Poster, Packet 1, 2, and 3 (25)

Thursday: Library

SOAR: Student Choice books (15)

  1. Library (30?)
  2. Start Sentence Sketch Notes: Due end of class tomorrow

Friday: Turn in your artifacts

PSL: SOAR/Newsela: Lego Article in your binder (15)

  1. Mobymax Test Prep: Reading Informational (10)
  2. Finish: Posters and Packets-turn in your artifacts (30)

Week of 2/27-3/3 ISTEP Round 1 Starts

Monday: All Phones in Lockers Starting Tomorrow.

PSL: SOAR; Signpost Turn-In This Friday (15)

  1. Tomorrow’s ISTEP schedule: (5)
  2. Brain Doodles Basic Lettering Video (6)
  3. Brain Doodles project poster work (20-25)
  4. Share posters

Tuesday: ISTEP ELA Section 1

PSL: Locate your pencils and gum-Relax.

  1. Take ELA Section 1 (25 min.)
  2. Mobymax vocabulary (20 min.)

Wednesday: ISTEP all day

Thursday: Library, Brain Doodles 2.1

PSL: SOAR (15)

  1. Library (30)
  2. Brain Doodle (10)

Friday: Math ISTEP, Brain Doodles in LA


  1. 10 minute Mobymax LA Test Prep
  2. Brain Doodles 2.1 packet (35)

Week of 2/20-24

Monday: We finish ISTEP practice. Make sure to turn in your Signposts from last week (periods 1-3, you’re at about 50% turn-in rate).

PSL: SOAR- get your signposts in! Conferences with Mr. Rob (15)

  1. Read long essay prompt (10)
  2. Decide what type of essay to write (5)
  3. Write out thesis statement, graphic organizer, and intro paragraph (25)

Tuesday: Sketch Noting! Hold on, this could be a great new way to take notes and update your signpost journals.

PSL: SOAR. Mr. Rob will be conferencing. Periods 1, 2, and 3, let’s get those signpost journals in. (15)

  1. TableTopTwitter 60 second intervals: move from table to table every minute (20)
  2. Sketch Noting: Brain Doodles: video and discussion. Where can this help you? (20)
  3. Brain Doodle lesson 1.1 packet (get started)

Wednesday: More visual note taking

PSL: SOAR (15)

  1. Brain Doodles 1.2: Squares and rectangles (6)
  2. Sketch Noting Packet (20)
  3. Introduce Sketch Note Poster project (10)

Thursday: Library and Sketch Noting poster work.

PSL: SOAR (15)

  1. BrainDoodles 1.3 (6)
  2. Finish Packet/start poster project-discuss matching (15)
  3. Library (20)

Friday: “Get Schooled Tour” Assembly, 2 hour delay schedule. Final check-up before ISTEP window opens.

PSL: SOAR (15)

  1. Brain Doodles 1.4 (6)
  2. Writing Vocabulary practice (20)
  3. BrainDoodles Poster work (if time)



Week of February 13-17

Monday: We will finish up literary analysis and begin working on ISTEP released materials.

PSL: SOAR (15)

  1. Finish page 74, Mr. Rob will come around and grade them (15)
  2. If finished with page 74, get your IPad and spend 10 minutes on Mobymax test prep
  3. Read “New Windows on Our Minds” (10)
  4. Begin working on constructed response questions. What are the prompts asking us to do? (15)

Tuesday: Students will complete their 3 constructed response questions

PSL: SOAR (15)

  1. Finish constructed responses (20)
  2. Begin peer discussions in small groups: observe state exemplars and peer edit student generated answers. (20)
  3. Finished early?: Periods 1, 2, and 3 will go to Mobymax state test prep; Periods 5 and 7 will complete blog work (yes, you can listen to music).

Wednesday: Peer edit and group selection of exemplar constructed responses

PSL: SOAR (15)

  1. Review ISTEP released exemplary, student-generated, constructed responses (15-20)
  2. Groups will read each others’ constructed responses and name the most effective answers. (15-20)
  3. Turn in selected answers.
  4. Finished early?: Periods 1, 2, and 3 will go to Mobymax state test prep; Periods 5 and 7 will complete blog work (yes, you can listen to music).

Thursday: Library and student essay analysis

PSL: SOAR (15)

  1. Library (15-20)
  2. Read and analyze student generated essay: review prompt, highlight thesis, and supporting details (20)

Friday-Monday: ISTEP practice test

PSL: SOAR (15)

  1. Read instructions, discuss (5)
  2. Read text/prompt-“What do I do with this?” (20)
  3. Answer constructed response-discuss (15)

Week of 2/6-2/10

Taking a week off of essay writing to get a focus back on assessment vocabulary and getting a different look at literary analysis.

Monday: I’ll conference with students the entire class over their argumentative and informational essays. Start building assessment vocabulary Kahoots.

PSL: SOAR w/ new signpost journals due on 2/17 (15)

  1. Look at the assessment vocabulary link and decide what 10 words you want to quiz the class on. Write them down or circle on your frayer. (10)
  2. Begin building your Kahoot quiz: 10 questions. (30)
  3. Kahoot Instructions

Enrichment: High Ability #21

  1. SOAR (15)
  2. Preassigned authors: Paz, Neruda, or Nye (during your SOAR time)
  3. Watch the video “Why Do I Use Such Esoteric Language” by Paul Mundoon (just over 5 min.)
  4. Read at least 3 poems by your author and discuss elements with your group about that author use the “Unpack a poem” guide sheet (25)
  5. After reading the poems, skim the poets’ biographies:




(If we have time, we’ll start on the 3 poet organizer)


Tuesday: 2 hour delay Tuesday! 40 minute classes. We’ll continue essay conferences.

PSL: SOAR (15)

  1. Finish informational essay/create assessment vocabulary kahoot (40)

Enrichment: PSL- SOAR (15)

  1. Finish Triple Venn with notes from author’s bio (15)
  2. Complete Triple Venn in your groups: get information from other students about the other authors and complete your diagram (15)


Wednesday: Informational essays should be finished. We’ll play a few of the finished Assessment Vocabulary Kahoots.

PSL: SOAR (15)

  1. Finish Kahoots (15)
  2. Play Kahoots (WG) (25)

Wednesday Enrichment:

  1. Get in pairs of 3, make sure to have each author represented and answer the discussion questions on the back of your Triple Venn (10)
  2. Poetry Vocabulary Kahoot in your group (if time, if not, start tomorrow)

Discussion Questions:

• How would Paul Mundoon define the “right word”?
• Why do I say, “It’s bigger on the inside” when referring to poetry? What is that an allusion to in pop culture? (Dr. Who- the Tardis)Which of these poets do you feel writes poems that are “the biggest on the inside”?
• How would you describe each of the poets’ style, tone, format, and use of language?
• What commonalities do all three poets share?
• Are they all equally effective at conveying meaning through poetry? Why or Why not?
• Which do you feel chooses the most powerful words, images, and issues? Why?
• What are the unique characteristics of each poet’s work? What do you learn from their biographies that might shed light on their inspiration and point of view?
• Which poet’s work do you prefer? Why?


Thursday: Library and Literary Analysis practice.


  1. Library (35)
  2. Read pages 69-73 and look out for terms: Speaker, theme, symbol, style, mood, and rhythm (20)
  3. If time, we’ll complete the graphic organizer on page 74

Friday: Page 74 Literary Analysis Assessment-I will grade them when you finish.

PSL: SOAR (15)

  1. Read Pages 69-73 and complete page 74 for a test grade (30)
  2. When you’re finished, work on your assessment vocabulary Kahoot, read/signpost, or finish your outstanding essays.




Week of 1/30-2/3

Monday and Tuesday: Subs and finishing our argumentative essay

Wednesday: Finish reading informational essay articles, answer questions on page 119 and start the graphic organizer.

PSL: SOAR, student choice w/ individual conferences (15)

  1. Complete pages 109-118 (20)
  2. Answer questions page 119 (no constructed response) (10)
  3. Begin graphic organizer (10)

Thursday: Library and writing Informative essays (essays are due Friday)

PSL: SOAR, student choice w/ individual conferences (students will be conferencing over SRI tests, argumentative essays, informational essays) (15)

  1. Library (20)
  2. Finish Informational Graphic Organizer and begin writing Informational Essay
  3. Here’s a link for catching a visual of the Florida Everglades

Friday: Informational Essays are due (3 paragraphs: intro, body, conclusion. Plenty of text evidence). Next week, there will be no essay writing!

PSL: SOAR, student choice w/ individual conferences (students will be conferencing over SRI tests, argumentative essays, informational essays) (15)

  1. We’ll be conferencing over argumentative essays the full 55 minutes
  2. Write your essay (40)
  3. When finished, or when you think your finished, ask a classmate to review your essay.





Week of 1/23-1/27

Monday: Same schedule for all classes today-Starting our Argumentative essay research.

PSL: SOAR student choice with signpost journal and individual conferences

  1. Argumentative essay: Read pages 99-106 w/ nonfiction signpost focus (35)
  2. Answer questions on page 107 (5-10, when finished with reading)

Tuesday: Continue reading the “Strike” texts and answer questions on page 107

PSL: SOAR student choice with signpost journal and individual conferences (15)

  1. Read article on pages 104-106 (20)
  2. Answer multiple choice and constructed response questions on page 107 (20)
  3. Begin completing graphic organizer (when finished)


Wednesday: We should be finished reading the “Strike” articles, moving on to the questions on page 107, and completing the graphic organizer.

PSL: SOAR student choice with signpost journal and individual conferences (15)

  1. Answer constructed response questions on page 107-have Mr. Rob check them (15-20)
  2. Complete graphic organizer (15-20)
  3. Begin drafting (when you finish questions and organizer-if time allows)


Thursday: Today, we’ll start drafting our essays (being sure to use plenty of textual evidence!) and visit the library.

PSL: SOAR (5), Library

  1. Discuss constructed response answers on page 107 (5)
  2. Begin drafting essays (25-30)

Enrichment: Be sure to complete this week’s blog post!


Friday: We will focus on completing a draft of our argumentative essay and use the weekend to correct any mistakes.  Final draft due Monday!

PSL: SOAR student choice with signpost journal and individual conferences (15)

  1. Create argumentative essay draft (20-30)
  2. Peer edit drafts (10-15)




Week of January 16-20

Monday: Off


PSL: SOAR w/ student choice and Signpost Journals-They’re due on Friday! (15)

  1. Complete Venn diagram after reading and answering questions, pages 125-127 (20)
  2. Strart drafting essay (25)


  1. Draft essay (40)
  2. Blog work (when finished)


PSL: SOAR w/ student choice books and recording in signpost journals (15) Signpost Journals due Friday

  1. Complete Venn Diagram(10)
  2. Draft essay using pre-witing notes(35)


  1. Draft essay using pre-writing notes
  2. Start Argumentative essay pages 99-107

Thursday: Individual students who have finished their books will visit library during SOAR time.

PSL: SOAR w/ signpost journal and conferences; 2nd and 3rd period students will conference with Ms. Braden using book talk script. (15)

  1. Finish drafting Literary Analysis (25)
  2. Begin reading Argumentative Essay essential texts (15)


  1. Poetry group work (25)
  2. Begin Argumentative reading and drafting (15)

Friday: We will make a quick, business-only trip to the library.  Make sure you have your library books with you.

PSL: SOAR w/ signpost journal and conferences; 2nd and 3rd period students will conference with Ms. Braden using book talk script. (15)

  1. Turn in Literary Analysis
  2. Library (15-20)
  3. Start reading pages 99-108 in workbook (15-20)


  1. Turn in Literary Analysis
  2. Library (15-20)
  3. Finish up poetry group work (15-20)