Last Two Days: 5/30-31

Tuesday: Assembly

  1. Assembly call after announcements (2hrs)
  2. 2 hour delay schedule: Class trivia Kahoots

Wednesday: Last Day 7th

  1. Homeroom Schedule:
  2. Period 1-3,
  3. Lunch,
  4. P5: yearbook signing outside
  5. Period 6
  6. Period 7: Outside, dismiss from outside

8th Grade Schedule:

·         Start in HR; yearbook distribution
·         Go to P1, take attendance, go to cafeteria with your class (8-10ish)
·         First part of cafeteria time is yearbook signing
·         Second part is presentation of “Best of 8th Grade”.
·         Pass out 8th grade newspapers
·         Time in the cafeteria can be shortened depending on how restless they will get.
·         Return to P3; regular Wednesday schedule for P4
·         Lunch-no changes
·         P6-P7 regular Wednesday schedule.
If I missed anything or if there are conflicts, lemme know.



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