Week of 5/22-26

Monday: Binder clean-out, library book turn-in

  1. RSG test make-ups
  2. Binder clean-out: SAVE THE TABS! (15?)
  3. Skit/Graffiti Wall work (30)
  4. Skit presentation

Tuesday: Skit Performances

  1. Group up and Skit work (15)
  2. Skit performances (40)
  3. Conferences (as needed)

Wednesday: Skit Performances

  1. Group up and complete ALL remaining skits
  2. When finished: make sure ALL work is turned in, ALL library books are in
  3. Create a Class Trivia Kahoot: Must contain questions about at least 3 teachers and 5 classmates-keep it clean and use proper grammar.

Thursday: Create and play class trivia Kahoots


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