Week of May 15th-19th


  1. Finish Analogy project; grade front page (15-20)
  2. Continue working on Graffiti wall and skits (40)

Tuesday: SRI

  1. If you increased your lexile, go to games
  2. If you decreased your lexile, go to Mobymax vocabulary-I will grade your minutes.

Wednesday: Nice Job on SRI! Many Positive Referrals will be going out over the next couple of days.

  1. Newsela: Social Media Food + Quiz (15)
  2. Get with your group: Work on Graffiti Wall and Skit (40)
  3. Grade conferences (40)

Thursday: All Library Books are Due! Today!

  1. Kahoot review (Final RSG test tomorrow!) (15)
  2. Graffiti Wall work (due tomorrow) (40)
  3. Grade Conferences (40)

Friday: Get a cookie, Test and Graffiti Wall finish

  1. Socrative test
  2. Graffiti wall
  3. Conferences


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