Week of May 1st to 5th

Monday: ISTEP final section

Tuesday: Sub: Mr. Wolfe

  1. Read Newsela article: Pro/Con Trump’s first 100 Days, take quiz (15)
  2. Complete SRI practice #s 43-75, annotate your responses-tell why you answered the way you did. Students can listen to music as long as (30)
  3. Work on/finish your RSG Kahoots and play as many as possible. (time available?)

Wednesday: Start the Graffiti Wall project

  1. Newsela w/quiz (Show Mr. Rob your score): Schools Combat Dangers of Lead in Water (15)
  2. Introduce Graffiti Wall project, rubric (10)
  3. Assign group pages (5)
  4. Begin group discussions and planning on scrap paper (20)
  5. Clean-up and Q & A (5)
  6. Kahoots (if time)

Thursday: Continue Graffiti Wall

  1. Newsela w/quiz: Police shooting article (15)
  2. Graffiti Wall project, continue artistic expression phase (Be sure to read your 5 pages thoroughly and capture as many details as possible in your wall art. You are re-creating/illustrating as much as possible from your pages!) (40)
  3. SRI conferences (40)

Friday: Continue Graffiti Wall

  1. Periods 1-3: Library, Last book check-out (15)
  2. Graffiti Wall project work (40)
  3. SRI conferences (40)



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