Week of March 27th-31st

Last week before Spring Break!

Monday: We start PARCC review testing.

PSL: Red Scarf Girl with reading guide (15)

  1. PARCC test: Read excerpt from The Count of Monte Cristo
  2. Answer questions 1-3 (30)
  3. RSG Kahoot (formative) (10)


Tuesday: Newsela Day!

PSL: Read Newsela Cheerios article; pick one annotation to comment on; take quiz for a grade (15)

  1. Finish covering PARCC Monte Cristo questions; write a support for each of your answers (10-20)
  2. Read Red Scarf Girl (20)
  3. Kahoot review (if time)

Wednesday: Reading Day

PSL: Reading Red Scarf Girl w/ guide and Signpost Journals (20)

  1. PARCC practice test: Read Blessings (35 minutes total)
  2. Answer questions 4-6
  3. Work on T-chart for both texts

Thursday: Group Collaboration for the Newsela quiz

PSL: Newsela: Raider’s Stadium article + quiz (15)

  1. Library (15-20)
  2. PARCC questions 4-6, T-chart work (20)

Friday: Have a great Spring Break!

PSL: Get your IPads-Kahoot review for Red Scarf Girl

  1. Kahoot review
  2. Book review
  3. Quiz
  4. Review quiz-Have a great break!



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