Week of 3/20-3/23

Monday: Continuing Red Scarf Girl and nonfiction analysis

PSL: Newsela “Teen Drivers” article, quiz (15)

  1. Mobymax Test Prep Reading Informational (10)
  2. Read Red Scarf Girl (20)
  3. Kahoot formative assessment (10)


Tuesday: 2 hour delay

PSL: Newsela + Quiz (15)

  1. Read: Red Scarf Girl with guide (20)
  2. Kahoot (if time)

Wednesday: READ, READ, READ! You have a sub today.

PSL: Read Newsela article and take the quiz-you can collaborate with your groups (15)

  1. If finished early, go to Mobymax Test Prep: Reading Informational
  2. Read and Answer Questions: The People’s Republic of China (10) (It’s on the IPad cart)
  3. Read: Red Scarf Girl and update your guide packet (20)

Thursday: Library, Last day of the week!

PSL: Newsela: Parliament Attack + Quiz (15)

  1. Mobymax Test Prep: Reading Informational- Get your 20 in for this week! (10)
  2. Library (25)

Friday: Review and Quiz

PSL: Kahoot: Get your IPads (20)

  1. Review Red Scarf Girl through page 51 (10-25)
  2. Quiz (10-20)


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